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Villaricos – Two bed one bath beach apartment

Villaricos - Two bed one bath beach apartment Always wanted to live on the beach? This is your chance. As apartments like this are getting rarer and rarer each day and not just in Almeria but in the whole of Spain, this fully equiped and furnished apartment is screaming to be bought by the right people. It comes with a parking, has an enormous sun terrace, ample closet space and well, the views are just amazing. Villaricos is a very old town, almost as old as Jerusalem and for of this it is almost impossible to build anything new because of the archaeological finds that go back all the way to the Phoenicians. Building permits are not given anymore and, just to stay in tune with its history, this is a typical case of Carpe Diem.. There is also a communal pool with direct access to the beach. As an investment this is a very interesting object too. Prices of real estate in Spain are on the rise again anyway and just for the months of july and august it can easily be rented out for €2500 euros a month. Absolutely worth a visit.. – Click the photo for more information on this property or click here

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